Spring Has Sprung and

It is still – on average – cold (in the upper 30’s or so).

However, this is the time of year I start thinking about having salads for meals and lots of fresh veggies.  Since they have to be washed before use it occurred to me that I need a colander. (I gave the one I had to my son about  a month ago. )

I had a collapsible one and thought he might like one so I gave him mine and now I need one. . I think they are a great space saver in that you can throw them in a drawer rather than have to figure out where or how you are going to store them in a cupboard.

Since I know that my husband reads this blog as well….I’m going to start using it as my ‘wish list’. 🙂  Maybe something will strike a chord with you as well.

To keep your veggies and milk fresh you can add a little colloidal silver to the wash water; and for milk add a few drops to the carton. (That is one reason the wealthy of ancient times really didn’t get that sick as a rule, their eating utensils were of silver.  And to keep milk fresh they used to drop a silver dollar piece into it.)