Change your Thoughts - Change your Outlook;
Change your Outlook - Change your World.

Original Thoughts

Have you ever had a thought and believed it to be an 'original'? This is not necessarily true. While it may be a light bulb moment for you it is nothing new. It is merely your understanding of the concept that is new to you.

Far from being depressing to think that there is nothing new under the sun, I find it comforting to know that these questions and concepts have been around for as long as human kind has been aware of Self. The words may change but the basic idea is the original theme.

Think of someone from the pages of history, someone you admire. Read about them and think about what they are saying in their writings. They had the same questions as you and I. They wrote down their understandings in the language of the day.

Let us take this one step farther. Every glass of water, every breath you take holds the same energy as someone you admire from history. Perhaps it even is the very same molecules that person inhaled or drank!

Thought patterns work this way too. Thought is simply energy; and we know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply 'is'. Some people have labeled this energy as the mass consciousness or group mind. I prefer to think of it as more of an overlay.

Each person on earth has thoughts and these thoughts are infused with some form of emotional energy. So, in turn, these thoughts and emotions go into the ethers as a thought and energy infused packet, which we feel or 'tune in' to.

These thought energy packets become like a cloud or thread within a tapestry, that can effect people a far distance away or even from the distance of time. An overlay.

There are some schools of thought that believe this overlay is the underlying source of our dreams. Perhaps this is so. This overlay can affect us in our waking hours as well.

There are many places on earth that hold the energy of sacred ceremony and group-thoughts. For example, we've all felt 'something' at a cemetery; and at one time or another we have all heard of a 'haunted house'. We have all been, at one time or another, in a house that is not haunted per se, yet we get a feeling of the former or present occupants of the house. We label it 'vibes'. Perhaps what we are feeling is the thought-energy overlay that remains, however recent, of the people and events that have been in that space.

Modifying the Overlay

At this time, much of the world is in turmoil, confusion and worry. These thoughts are all being 'recorded' in the overlay. In turn, this overlay affects the very physical properties of the world and our lives. The question is, how can we work with this overlay or counteract it?

Recognition: It is when we become aware of the fact that we are contributing to the overlay that is the first step in changing our world and lives.

Monitor: Monitor your thoughts. Keep your inner eye upon your thoughts. Now, that sounds simple, yet in reality, it is more difficult at first than it appears. It takes constant vigilance. When you find yourself dwelling upon 'negative thoughts', stop! Immediately turn it around from a negative to a positive.

Feel: Feel the emotions that coincide with these thoughts. The moment you recognize that you are giving or surrounding thoughts of fear or intense dislike with the accompanying emotion, you will feel a 'tenseness' somewhere in your body. A flip-flop of your stomach or a sinking feeling are but two indicators that there is a strong emotion encompassing the thought.

Acknowledge: This coincides with monitoring your thoughts. Rather than say, for example, "I really hate this or that". Acknowledge that the situation is put before you by your Soul for your growth and understanding.

Affirm: When we affirm something we are placing it in a positive light to teach us and further our understanding and growth. We hold it to be our Truth. Usually this takes the form of "And so it is"; "It is done" or "It is so".

Be precise: The Universe is quite literal in fulfilling our thoughts and expectations. When we say, "I want (blank)" the Universe hears this and says, "You got it! A lot of exactly as you requested." So what do you get? More "want".

When one looks at the steps it sounds like it would take a lot of 'time' and a lot of bother. Really though, it can all happen within the space and time of a thought. Have patience in the practice of these steps and they will soon become second nature. You can and do change your world when you change your thoughts. It does not matter if they are not original. Make them your own by surrounding them with your unique energy signature.

* * * * * *
Some people have a masters in communication but can't make themselves understood.

Others have a masters in political science but can't get their government to listen to them.

If these people would just try to change their thoughts they could bring about positive change to any problem or situation. Human thoughts are truly powerful and can change the world.

Keep this in mind and see how your world can change.

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