Divine Light Invocation from Babaji

Divine Light Invocation given by Babaji to Swami Radha Saraswati for Healing

I am created by Divine Light
I am sustained by Divine Light
I am protected by Divine Light
I am surrounded by Divine Light
Divine Invocation
Unknown Source
From the Source of ALL That Is
We Came Through the Tunnel of Truth
Into a Co-Created World of Illusion.

In Honor and Glory
we continue to raise the Vibration of all
By Awakening to all that We are.

And so, we are One.
And so, we are Love.

And so, we invoke the energies
which will assist us in our journey
Back Through the Tunnel of Truth
To That From Which We Came.

We invoke Love and Compassion,
Courage and Strength.
We invoke Joy and Fulfillment,
Brotherhood and Peace.
We invoke Wisdom and Knowledge,
And Co-Creation.
We invoke Wholeness and Balance,
Empathy and Truth.

We invoke all that is Good,
That Comes From The Light.
To be with us now and forever.

And so, we open our Heart Center,
Where Our Christ Light Dwells,
And Fondly We Embrace our Destiny.
We are God.

And So It Is.

~Author Unknown