No April Fool Here! We need ink for our printer!

It’s a cold and grey day here and it’s April Fools day…Does anyone have any luck with your pranks? I never have….they always end in tears for me.

Don’t you just hate it when you go to print something out and you are out of ink? Often times it seems like it would be cheaper just to buy a new printer. I digress…anyway!

Went to print something out and ran the test sheet to be sure everything was working okay….The magenta cartridge is working great! ALL of the page was in magenta…so I guess I have to get ink….people sometimes don’t like to get things in magenta ink…I can’t figure ‘why’….

I found some ink for my printer, which works on several different models:


Spring Has Sprung and

It is still – on average – cold (in the upper 30’s or so).

However, this is the time of year I start thinking about having salads for meals and lots of fresh veggies.  Since they have to be washed before use it occurred to me that I need a colander. (I gave the one I had to my son about  a month ago. )

I had a collapsible one and thought he might like one so I gave him mine and now I need one. . I think they are a great space saver in that you can throw them in a drawer rather than have to figure out where or how you are going to store them in a cupboard.

Since I know that my husband reads this blog as well….I’m going to start using it as my ‘wish list’. 🙂  Maybe something will strike a chord with you as well.

To keep your veggies and milk fresh you can add a little colloidal silver to the wash water; and for milk add a few drops to the carton. (That is one reason the wealthy of ancient times really didn’t get that sick as a rule, their eating utensils were of silver.  And read more

After 2 Days of Wind…

For the past two days (48 hours plus), we had terrible winds!  I sure would have hated to be a semi truck driver. They were just rocking and 2 went over here within the area…Fortunately no one was hurt.  

Yogi gets all weirded out and for sure I did too yesterday. It sounded like a fast moving truck was coming right at you.  So needless to say we didn’t have very long walkies.

Today it wasn’t too bad – cooler by about 20 degrees or so but the wind was very light. AND I saw my first robin today! 🙂  I figured that worms weren’t out yet, so while grocery shopping I picked up some mealy worms in a seed cake for the robins. (Yum! LOL)