Sew What? Or When a Zipper Fails…

I can’t sew for anything! My hand stitches are abysmal! Maybe you are the same? If ever a zipper breaks (as they are known to do sometimes) you pretty much either have to search for a tailor to fix it, (I had to do that this spring on a brand new full-length coat) or throw the item away.

What is one to do then? I just found this really great item on Amazon…I think you will find it to be the answer to that dilemma.
You can click on the picture or type in Bihood Universal Zipper Repair Kit into the search box… I’m thrilled to find it!


No April Fool Here! We need ink for our printer!

It’s a cold and grey day here and it’s April Fools day…Does anyone have any luck with your pranks? I never have….they always end in tears for me.

Don’t you just hate it when you go to print something out and you are out of ink? Often times it seems like it would be cheaper just to buy a new printer. I digress…anyway!

Went to print something out and ran the test sheet to be sure everything was working okay….The magenta cartridge is working great! ALL of the page was in magenta…so I guess I have to get ink….people sometimes don’t like to get things in magenta ink…I can’t figure ‘why’….

I found some ink for my printer, which works on several different models: